Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twin Tuesday

 shirt: old navy, shoes: gap, skirt: h&m
 skirt: refashioned by suz, shoes: forever young, necklace: modcloth
You see that bruise on my knee? It doesn't look that big in the picture, but I promise it is.  I got back last night from a trip to Moab with Jordan and some friends. I went rock climbing for the first time and canyoneering! Now I just want to climb more things. And get more bruises because they make me feel really tough.


  1. LOVE the blouse! Such a gorgeous colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. First off I love the tie up bow on that skirt! So girly! :D Also thanks for the comment on my blog. You asked if I was an identical twin and I sure am. Just like you guys. But my older brother are fraternal twins. Hope you and your twin have a lovely day today! ;)