Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Finds April Showers

I lived in Kodiak when I was little where it once rained 80 days strait in the summer, and grew up in North Carolina over half of my life where almost daily there were evening thunderstorms, so I love the rain! Living in Utah now I miss those thunderstorms and really like the rainy days we get here in April. Here's some cute rainy day finds for your weekend.
1. I love this rain drop bag! I can't find the original source, but I think adding raindrops to a simple bag would be pretty easy and so cute.
2. All my rain coats when I was a little girl were either navy blue or hunter green, lined with plaid flannel and smelled like fish, because Suz and I would alwasy wear them fishing when we lived in Kodiak.  Even though I love the memories of fishing in my smelly fishy rain coat, this raincoat is the total opposite of that in a good way.  It has a lace print, it's aqua, and it has scalloped edges.  Can get much better than that!
3. This umbrella would be perfect for playing in the rain or to share while walking with some. It's huge, and see-through and so cute!
4. If you're like me and love the rain, these wall decals would be cute to put up above your bed to bring a little rain into your day, but without being too dreary.
5. Not that I don't love big rubber polka dot or striped rain boots, these are such a cute option.  They'd keep your feet dry without screaming "I'm wearing rain boots!"

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