Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Booty Tooch

skirt: macys, shirt and tights: gap, shoes: forever young, necklace: native shop (at bijou market), bracelet: Old Navy
I got this neclace this weekend at Bijou Market and I have to restrain mysel from wearing it every day. I love it!  I felt a little 80s with my poofy sleeves, geometric necklace, and red lips but I kind of like it.

Does anybody besides me still watch ANTM?  Well I decided to take some pointers for my outfit pictures.  Here I am practicing my smize and my booty tooch.  Actually, I think Tyra might call this one the hoochie tooch.  I guess I'll have to keep practicing.


  1. hahahhahhaha. I watch it. this made me laugh.

    That whole episode was just one giant train wreck of awesome. i mean at the end... when they are telling them that it was so posh!

    I keep singing it to my husband and he is like... please. stop.


  2. love the new lay out of your blog.

    i love antm. seriously every time i go home i watch reruns, but here i have no one to watch it with me.

    this makes me laugh a lot.