Wednesday, February 29, 2012


shirt and headband : f21, skirt and sweater: h and m, tights and shoes: urban outfitters

I write things on my hand all the time so I can remember them. Today I had quite a list, and I forgot about it. It is now ten-o-clock at night and I have five lines of un-readable pen leftovers. Can you think of any words ending in Bulp? No? Me either.

Monday, February 27, 2012


shirt and jeans: f21, sweater: Target, shoes: Miz Mooz
]I hang out with Suz a couple times a week and occasionally do things with old roommates, but most days I go to work, come home, make dinner, craft or sew, watch tv and blog, and go to bed.  I'm always telling Jensen stories about things I've read on blogs.  He doesn't really care that much to hear about things I read online, so the other day I started a story with, "This lady I know..."  He knew right away that I knew no such lady and asked if I was really talking about someone from a blog.  Busted... I need more friends. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiss Fairy

shirt: h & m, pants, belt (came with skirt), and shoes: forever 21

Jordan left this morning while I was at school for a week. Boo. Annnnd I leave next Thurday before he gets back for another week. Double boo.  When I got home from school today I found a little Hershey Kiss sitting on my phone charger, and I got really excited. And I went to take my vitamins (the gummy kind of course) I found another inside the bottle and got even more excited. So I went on a kiss hunt. So far I have found about thirty. I feel like I'm kind of ruining the suprise by searching for them but I just can't help it because they make me so happy!

Here's a little outfit from back when our days were warmer. This is one of my favorite shirts. I love the ruffles!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mark Twain and a Hamburger

sweater and belt: f21, shirt: Gap, jeans: Levis, boots: Forever Young Shoes, bag: Ross

Jensen and I went snowboarding yesterday and I am sooo tired and sore!  Also my day off during the week is usually Thursday, but this week I had Tuesday off.  Now I keep thinking it's Friday, but unfortunately it's only Wednesday.
PS. If you can't tell, that's a statue of Mark Twain and a hamburger on my purse

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twin Tuesday

skirt: from Mom, dyed by me, sweater and tights: Target, scarf and shoes: from Mom
shirt: j creaw, sweater: h and m, tights: wal mart, shoes: target
running away from the cold

Having a twin is pretty much the best, but even people who don't know I'm a twin get me mixed up with Suz.  I work at a painting company as a secretary right now.  When I answer the phone I say..."It's a great day at Five Star Painting, this is Vivian, how can I help you?"  Several times since I've been here the person on the other line has responded, "Hi Suzanne." I think this is so weird!  At first I thought  I'm crazy and I'm hearing things or I'm crazy and subconsciously saying this is Suzanne... or maybe I just mumble.  I even tested how it may sound like I'm saying Suzanne by saying "this is Vivian" over and over all slurred together.  I still don't hear it. Either way it's really weird.  I personally don't think the names Vivian and Suzanne are very similar, besides the "n" sound at the end.

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

shirt: old navy, shorts (yes those are shorts!): tj maxx, tights: jc penny, shoes: f21
Happy President's Day! Hope you all had a great one. Today I slept in embarassingly late, worked on two presentations that I have coming up this week, watched two movies, and baked some blueberry muffins. I'd say it's been a pretty productive day.

my view of my books
my view from the couch

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Copy Cat- DIY Polka Dot Bag

I've seen a lot of neon pink and gold together lately and I love it. A few weeks ago I saw this bag on pinterest and I knew I wanted to make a similar one for myself. It was really simple to make! And I plan on making at least one more in navy and gold, another great color combination.
Materials needed:
- paint color of choice- I got neon pink, gold, and navy blue
- canvas bag
- paint brush
- fabric pencil

Four Tones

shirt: ModBod, skirt and belt: H&M, tights: Steve Madden (from TJMaxx), shoes: Forever Young
Jensen told me a slightly crazy guy came to him at work last week and was telling him that he invented "two tones" in fashion.  According to him, everyone needs to wear two tones.  He also told Jensen "You know your really made it when you wear four tones."  Well guys, looks like I really made it.  Light pattern on top, navy skirt, purple tights, grey shoes.  Four tones.  Also this is probably my most favorite shirt ever.  Pretty pattern, lace on the edges, peter pan collar.  Unfortunately, the first time I washed it, it shrunk about 3 inches in length and I didn't even dry it, so I don't wear it very often.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Re-cap

shirt: H&M, skirt: H&M, tights: wal mart, shoes: miz mooz

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and is recovering quickly from their chocolate comas (at least that's how I feel).  Jordan and I went out Monday for some delish Chinese food and stayed in yesterday in my kind-of-a-fort to watch The Bachelor. Any body watching it this season? You should.  Here are some pics of my outfit I got for myself Jordan got me for Valentine's Day! I do believe I have a new favorite shirt and skirt.

And here is a little taste of our Valentine's Day
 I made those!!
Fort and goodies for Jordan. And yes that is a princess canopy :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day

No twin tuesday post today... We're too busy celebrating our love or something like that.  Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day and eat lots of chocolate.  Because that's what it's all about right?

Those are the cards Suz and I made for our boos.  I made the E backwards. oops

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow snow snow

coat: gift from Mama, lace shirt: Modbod, undershirt: DownEast, skirt: Maurieces, 
tights: Vera Wang, shoes: Miz Mooz, hat: Old Navy
The weather is bipolar.  Friday was mid 50s and Sunny.  Jensen and I took a walk without jackets on.  Sunday it SNOWED!!!  Don't get me wrong, the 50s weather was amazing! But I still need to get some snowboarding in this year.  Jensen and I even have a couple tickets to ski in Park City and a two night stay at a hotel there and I need some good snow to board on when we're are finally able to take a couple days off work together.  It supposed to snow allll week so I hope it makes the mountains nice and fluffy for me!