Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twin Tuesday on Sunday

top: vintage, skirt: borrowed from Viv (maurices), tights: wal mart, necklace: mom's, shoes: thrifted

top: Target, necklace: from Suz, pants: Levis, shoes and belt: f21
We got together for Super Bowl to eat snacks and watch funny commercials watch football.  We don't own the same exact jean/chambray shirt, so this isn't a normal "Twin Tuesday" post, but Madison and Lauren over at Awkward Girls challenged everyone to wear their jean and chambray shirts to see how we all style them differently.  We thought this was a great challenge for us since we try to do this weekly anyway. In case you were wondering, our Super Bowl feast included: chili cheese dip, salsa, chips, cream cheese-stuffed-bacon-wrapped-jalapenos, taquitos, teriyaki chicken bites, chocolate bundt cake, peanut butter cookies, and lots of Dr. Pepper.  Hope your Super Bowl was fun too!
-Suz and Viv
PS. In case you were wondering Viv is about one inch taller than Suz. (about 5'8" to Suz's 5'7")

Awkward Girls


  1. Suz, I like how you dressed your chambray shirt up with the floral skirt. Viv, your chambray shirt outfit looks super comfy and perfect for a casual weekend look!

    Your Superbowl feasts sounds delicious too!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. You girls are just too cute! Thanks so much for the doing the jean shirt challenge! Stay tuned for our post tomorrow!



  3. you girls are seriously just the cutest. love your hair and the outfits.

    i would love if you guys stopped by: