Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My face is glowing

shirt: h&m, skirt: target, shoes: tjmaxx, necklace: jcrew via ebay (gift from mama), watch: fossil
Can you believe this necklace is selling at J crew for $150?  That's insane!  A few weeks ago the ladies at Pretty Life Anonymous posted about the very same necklaces on ebay for a mere $15.  I immediately went browsing online and fell in love with it.  I showed my Mama and she bought it for my for my birthday.  My birthday isn't for another month, but I couldn't resist, so I wore it as soon as my package arrived.

Also these pictures are the first time my hair has looked long to me since I started growing it out!  The wind was blowing when Jensen took these photos.  Maybe I just need to carry a fan around with me so my hair always look long and wind blown.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farm Girls

Viv getting chased by a baby goat
Viv and I had a ton of fun visiting our Mama in Idaho, seeing all our cousins, and of course playing with the animals.  Here's some pics of casual-farm-us.  I always think its funny when I visit my uncle because he says there's something wrong with our pants because they are so skinny. He's not quite up on the skinny jean trend yet, maybe some day.  Viv is gone again for a week visiting her sister-in-law in California. I'm not as good of a blogger as her but I'll try my best while she's gone.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sami Jo Photography Session

Last week Jensen and I went up to Logan for a photo session with Sami Jo Photography that I won from the BYU blogger meet up.  It was just in time for our 2 year anniversary (that was yesterday!)  I love the way they turned out! She is one talented lady.  You can see a few more of the pictures from the session here

When we were doing the shoot Sami said she gets a lot of girls asking her for advice on what to wear for engagement sessions so I though I could share a few tips.  

The first thing I'd say is to wear something that you're comfortable in and feel good in.  Don't feel obligated to dress up or wear a certain style for you engagements.  Go with your own style, just dress it up a little.  If jeans and a t-shirt is what makes you feel good then go with it.

This should go without saying, but no graphic t's!  If you send out a photo with your wedding announcements, a lot of people you send the announcement to might only know one of you, so this will be the first time they get to see what the other one looks like.  You want people to focus on you in your photos, not on what your shirt is saying.

Keep it simple (but not boring).  This reminds me of when Suz and I were little, my mom had a friend who wanted to use our photos to promote their photography business.  It was around Christmas so we both wore really busy Christmas themed sweaters.  As cute as 6 year old twins in Christmas sweaters are, the photos would have looked much nicer with more simple outfits.

Don't be afraid of color.  When Jensen and I took our engagements I was afraid of our outfits clashing, so we both just wore black.  As much as I like our engagement pictures, I think they would have been so much more fun with some color.  For my photos with Sami Jo I wore one of my favorite cardigans for a pop of color, and I think it makes the photos so much more fun than they would have been otherwise. (And my sweater ended up matching the flowers in the background!)


Saturday, May 19, 2012


 This weekend will be filled with lots of this! Hanging out and laughing with my sisters.   My mom is in Idaho visiting my uncle and my older sister came out from North Carolina so we can surprise her with a visit! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kitty and Good Deals

shirt and shoes: Plato's Closet, skirt; Modbod, necklace: mom's from forever ago
My kitty Pigeon decided to crash my photos today.  She's an indoor cat, but I let her outside every so often because she loves it and she rolls around in the dirt meowing her head off.  I would let her out more often, but I'm not allowed to have a cat where I live right now so I don't want to get caught, and I'm afraid she'll run away or get hit by a car.  
On a fashion note... this whole outfit cost less that $20. Pretty good huh? (shirt: $7, shoes: $6, skirt: $5- because the zipper was broken when I bough it, necklace: free from mama). Also I looked up the brand of these shoes after I first bough them and the brand sells for almost $200! 

Monday, May 14, 2012


 sweater: h and m, shirt: target, jeans: aeropostale
 shoes: (they're yellow sandals) forever young

Suz and I went to these apple orchards a few weeks ago because I wanted to take pictures in the apple blossoms. There weren't any blossoms yet so I waited a while before we went back again.... and I waited too long! I was sooo sad. Now I have to wait another year before I can take apple blossom pictures.  At least there was a ton of dandelions. I know they're a weed but the kid in me thinks they are so fun!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday

dress/leggings: f21, shirt: h and m, shoes you can't see (they are red flats with bows): gap outlet

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight Jordan and I are going to a BBQ and tomorrow we are celebrating our 6 month anniversary! Crazy how time flys. I feel like winter semester just started.  Also, apparently a few weeks ago I said I would plan our date. Last night I suggested a shopping trip to Anthropologie, but Jordan didn't like that idea. We shall see...


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facing My Fears

shirt and shoes: f21, skirt and necklace: modcloth, shirt: jcew, bracelet: handmade
I took my pictures using my tripod again (with no Jensen) and instead of taking them in my front yard where no one can see me, I went to the big yard in front of the fire department.  This time I wasn't afraid of being mobbed, I was afraid because I went to a public place to take them!  As lame as it may sound, I'm kind of proud of myself for being a little more adventurous with my photos.

Side note, when you were in middle school do you remember the days of making bar graphs where you would poll the members in your class about what kind of fridge they had, how many siblings they had, or how many buttons they were wearing?  I always wished on days like that I were wearing something like this instead of just jeans and a t-shirt. (12 buttons instead of 1 would have been so cool!)

Monday, May 7, 2012



dress: down east, shoes: gift, bracelet: modcloth
I got a bonus at work and treated myself to a new dress! I love it! Its super comfortable, and it's not often I find a dress with sleeves and goes to my knees that I actually like.

I took these photos by myself at this old half cement buiding thing by some farm fields.  Jensen and I have taken pictures here before and there's usually no one else around.  When I went to take these there were 3 cars parked there already which made me a little nervous (or a lot nervous).  When I got out of my car I took my phone and purse and everything with me to make sure no one would break into my car and steal everything.  As I was setting up my tripod I kept wondering how difficult it would be to run away in my heels if I got attacked, and if I should try to save my purse and camera or leave them behind  When I was almost done with my pictures I found out who the cars belong to. It wasn't druggies or thieves afterall.  Just a bride, a photographer, her mom, and a friend taking bridals.  Kind of the opposite of thieves.

Also I'm on the hunt for new glasses. These are one of the try-ons I got from Warby Parker. What do you think?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wrong Number

blouse: banana republic, skirt: maurices (from high school), sweater: target, shoes: forever young, headband:f21
For some reason when someone whose number I don't have saved texts me I'm always afraid to ask who it is. I'll try to text back a few minutes and see if I can figure it out.  Last night a number I didn't know was texting me. I thought it was Suz because she's in a town with no service, so I was thinking she was using a friend's phone.  When the unknown texter responded "siiiick" to something I said, I thought maybe it wasn't Suz after all. Then, when I asked what they were up to they said they were going to the hospital to see the baby, and sent me a picture of the baby, I realized it for sure was not Suz.  I finally told them I didn't know who it was so they wanted me to guess.  I guessed the only people I knew who recently had babies and they sent me a frowny face because I guessed wrong. Turns out it was a wrong number.  

Sorry if my long story about a wrong number bored you to tears :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twin Tuesday - Wardrobe Staple


shoes/belt: f21, jeans: nordstrom, shirt: gap, scarf: san fran

shirt/shoes: target, pants: f21, bag: DIYed by Viv, belt: thrifted, scarf: yard sale!

Grey v-necks are probably the easiest thing to style.  And also one of my favorite go-to shirts. Also, I dyed my hair red. Can you tell? Jordan isn't a fan, but I love it!
a little before and after pic of my hairs

I'll be gone for a wee bit again.  I'll be up in Vernal until Saturday, but I won't be looking for otters this time. I'll be looking for burrowing owls! Cute! I'm a wildlife conservation major, and my project emphasis is river otters. I work in the lab most of the time though because I do genetics work, so I'm excited to be outdoors for a little while.  I don't remember if I mentioned before, but I've been to Vernal a few times already to look for otters. There isn't a whole lot to do there, and my work hours for the week are 5 am to 9 am and then again 5 pm to 9 pm. I wonder what magic Vernal will have for me during the day... should be pretty exciting!