Monday, May 7, 2012



dress: down east, shoes: gift, bracelet: modcloth
I got a bonus at work and treated myself to a new dress! I love it! Its super comfortable, and it's not often I find a dress with sleeves and goes to my knees that I actually like.

I took these photos by myself at this old half cement buiding thing by some farm fields.  Jensen and I have taken pictures here before and there's usually no one else around.  When I went to take these there were 3 cars parked there already which made me a little nervous (or a lot nervous).  When I got out of my car I took my phone and purse and everything with me to make sure no one would break into my car and steal everything.  As I was setting up my tripod I kept wondering how difficult it would be to run away in my heels if I got attacked, and if I should try to save my purse and camera or leave them behind  When I was almost done with my pictures I found out who the cars belong to. It wasn't druggies or thieves afterall.  Just a bride, a photographer, her mom, and a friend taking bridals.  Kind of the opposite of thieves.

Also I'm on the hunt for new glasses. These are one of the try-ons I got from Warby Parker. What do you think?


  1. Love this! I am the exact same way. Me in a dark alley at night would probably be just as dangerous as any thieving ruffian. I totally amp myself up and get paranoid about the silliest things. Maybe it is a good thing?

  2. haah you are too cute! i get so nervous if ANYONE sees me taking pictures.