Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wrong Number

blouse: banana republic, skirt: maurices (from high school), sweater: target, shoes: forever young, headband:f21
For some reason when someone whose number I don't have saved texts me I'm always afraid to ask who it is. I'll try to text back a few minutes and see if I can figure it out.  Last night a number I didn't know was texting me. I thought it was Suz because she's in a town with no service, so I was thinking she was using a friend's phone.  When the unknown texter responded "siiiick" to something I said, I thought maybe it wasn't Suz after all. Then, when I asked what they were up to they said they were going to the hospital to see the baby, and sent me a picture of the baby, I realized it for sure was not Suz.  I finally told them I didn't know who it was so they wanted me to guess.  I guessed the only people I knew who recently had babies and they sent me a frowny face because I guessed wrong. Turns out it was a wrong number.  

Sorry if my long story about a wrong number bored you to tears :)

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  1. HAHA! What I love most is that you actually had half of a conversation not knowing who it was. That makes the whole thing worse! Great story!