Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twin Tuesday

sweater: Target, shirt: Thrifted, jeans: Gap, shoes: Forever Young Shoes, belt: f21
Suz had the shirt I'm wearing in her give away pile and I took it to cut up for some craft projects.  I tried it on first because of the yellow and red stripes.  I kind of love it with this sweater.  I'm thinking Suz might want it back, which I guess is ok since it was hers in the first place.  I like the slightly masculine look of the sweater and shirt combined.  I think my husband liked it too.  He usually takes just a few pictures of me and says "Ok, we're good, " but on Sunday when I wore his he snapped a ton.

cardigan: target, pants: levis, shoes: gap outlet, scarf: gift, shirt: nordstrom
Sorry for the not so great pics you get to see of my outfit.  Jordan came home late again and I didn't feel like bothering with the tri-pod so here I am at Jordan's office! I also haven't quite mastered the art of posing and  making normal faces. Viv seems to be a natural.

This cardigan is one of my favorites. Viv and I found them on super clearance at target when we went to visit my mom last summer in Cape Cod. Even thought its such a bright color I find my self wanting to wear it with everything.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Absent Minded

shirt: Target, sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Nordstrom, boots: Famous Footwear, necklace: ModCloth, belt: f21
I think I'm losing my mind. Here's a few examples why: I wore my shirt to work inside out a few days ago.  Although my house was really cold, so I did get dressed as fast as possible.  A few weeks ago at church for a song in Primary we were pretending to throw snowballs.  Jensen threw an imaginary snowball at me and I flinched as if it were actually going to hit me.  Also last time Jensen and I went snowboarding I used the men's bathroom.  I didn't just walk in and walk back out.  I actually used it.  I'm not sure how I failed to notice the urinals.  When I was leaving the bathroom stall I saw a man in there so I ran out as fast as possible.   Luckily I don't think he noticed me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Finds- We Heart Hearts

 Valentine's Day is coming up so we put together a heart themed post. 
These heart shaped whoopie pies from Annie's Eats look yummy!  I want to make these for Valentine's Day for my hubby.
I want these so bad! I've seen them popping up everywhere.  These Betsy Johnson ones are adorable, and I've also seen them at Gap and Urban Outfitters.
I love these melted crayon hearts from Martha Stewart.
This print from Restyle shop by handz's Etsy shop would make a great Valentine's Day gift.
This was one of the first Valentine's crafts I saw on Pinterest. I love them and I love Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Missing Church

skirt: ModBod, shirt: DownEast basics, sweater: Gap, tights: Walmart, necklace: Buckle, shoes: gift
This is what I wore to church on Sunday.  Well, what little bit of church Jensen and I made it to.  We learned an important lesson Sunday.  If we miss the announcements we need to check with someone to find out what they were.  Last week we were a few minutes late so we missed the announcements.  We have church at 11, and this week walked in a few minutes before 11.  We thought it was a little weird that no one else was walking in at the same time we were.  When we got inside we heard a talk already being played over the speakers in the hallway.  I saw a member of our bishopric sitting in the hall and he informed us that this week was stake conference and it started at 10. Oops.
A similar thing happened this summer.  Jensen and I were out of town two weeks in a row visiting his sister in California.  The Sunday we got back we walked down to church and noticed there were no cars in the parking lot.  I thought it was strange, but it was a nice day so I wondered if maybe everyone walked to church.  When we got closer to the building we realized it was completely empty.  Finally it dawned on us that it was stake conference that started at 10.  Our ward was at 1 at the time so we missed the entire meeting

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twin Tuesday

shirt: gap, sweater: DownEast, pants and belt: f21, boots: Nordstrom, necklace: vintage; watch: Fossil

This week for Twin Tuesday Suz and both wearing a grey long sleeve t-shirt. It's pretty much a blank canvas as far as clothes go.  I wore this to work Monday and since I'm not a huge fan of Mondays I decided to keep it low key and comfortable.  I did dress my shirt up a little with my layered pearl necklace.

jeans: levis, boots: gift, sweater: gift from Viv (old navy), shirt: gap, scarf: handmade, fox purse: target

I think I cheated a little because you can't even see my shirt. Viv gave me this sweater (right, Viv?) and I love it and have been wearing it constantly. Also, I hope you enjoyed the grocery store pics. Jordan leaves for work before I'm up and ready. Usually before I'm even up. And we're both home after its dark. I wanted to take pictures on the cereal isle because its my favorite, but there were too many people. So instead you get peanut butter and jelly.  And I hope you like my purse as much as me!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Snow

coat: gift from my mama, shirt: t j maxx, boots: target, skirt: shade

The snow has finally come! The weather has been predicting snow all week and last night we finally got some. We woke up to heavy rain Saturday morning and by the evening it was cold enough for the snow. Here's my outfit I wore to church yesterday. My mama sent Viv and me a surprise in the mail and it was this coat!! She said she found them super cheap online and thought we would like it. And I loooove mine. Thanks Mama!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Matt Costa and Proposals

Last night Viv and I went to a concert at BYU to see Matt Costa play.  I love Matt Costa and I was excited, but the concert was held in one of the ball rooms on campus. So basically it was in a giant room with a tiny stage so unless you were right up front you couldn't see much. The music was good. And the people watching was even better.  Here is what I witnessed:

sorry for the fuzziness, this is all I could get with the time I had

It's not quite what it looks like. You see, girl is crossing her arms and doesn't look too excited. Just keep reading... As we're watching the concert, this couple is standing in front of us. And they seem super into each other. Holding each other and facing each other singing along to the music. During one song, boy bends down on one knee. Girl looks ECSTATIC, as she should be. Boy looks up at girl and then looks down and ties his shoe. And then stands up. Girl is not happy. The concert keeps going, thy are not holding each other any more. Boy bends down AGAIN. Girl is mad. Boy stands up. Boy and girl leave. No proposal. Mean boy.

Poor girl. And I'm not as much of a creeper as I seem. When I saw him bend down I got SO excited. And I thought, if I were getting proposed to I would for sure want a picture.  He stood up too fast the first time for a photo, but I got one on his second (fake) attempt.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Finds- Woodsy edition

Jonathan Adler squirrel candel holder
Awesome wood carved lumberjack Russian dolls from Timber Preservation Society.
DIY retro fawn softie from Craftside. This is so cute! I plan on making some this weekend
Hedghog necklace. I need this!  There's a ton of cute necklaces and other jewelry in Moncadeau's esty shop.
I love these plates from West Elm.  These would be in my kitchen in a second if they weren't so pricy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Copy Cat

shirt: f21, sweater and neckalces: DownEast, jeggings: Levi, shoes: gift
Today's Copy Cat is an outfit from Kristine or Polly.  Definitely one of my favorite blogs! She has the cutest stye. I love her use of bright colors and pattern mixing.  She's one of my style icons and helps me to be more adventurous in what I wear.  I love the contrast of the bold stripes and soft ruffles in this outfit by Kristine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twin Tuesday- Polka Dot Skirt

Growing up my mom almost always dressed Suzanne and I alike.  She told me when she first found out she was having twins she went out and bought a double of everything she already had.  When I got a little older I hated it because I wanted to be unique, and dressing the same just made people get us confused even easier.  I still don't like to dress the same when I'm going to be with Suzanne, mostly because it just makes me feel silly because we aren't little kids anymore.  We don't see each other every day so it doesn't matter if we dress the same or not.  In honor of our twin-ness we are going to have a weekly feature on Tuesdays where Suzanne and I each wear an item of clothing we both own to see how different we style it.  Most of the time our styles are pretty similar so this should be interesting.
shirt: Old Navy, skirt: f21, tights: Hue, shoes: Plato's closet, belt: f21, necklace: ModCloth
We got these skirts together while birthday shopping together last summer.  We couldn't resist the bold pattern and low price (only $12!) so we each got one for ourselves.  They're a little short so we had to size up to wear it on our hips, but I love it!

skirt: forever 21, lace shirt: forever 21, cardigan: target, belt: came with skirt,
shoes: miz mooz via nordstrom, tights: jc penny, scarf: gift from mama
I really liked this outfit. Perfect for the warm weather we've been having. It was 50 outside today! The weather does say its supposed to snow tomorrow. I am actually really excited. I love the snow and we haven't had much at all this year. On another note, these shoes are also probably my favorite I have right now. They were my wedding shoes and they have the perfect heel (which you can't see much in this picture, but I will be wearing them more).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just another manic Monday

coat: Nordstrom Rack, shirt: Old Navy, jeggings: Levi, scarf: gift from mom, shoes: Forever Young Shoes (gift from Suz)
At work we are hiring a couple new people so the manager and I held interviews last week.  One lady we interviewed had a really good sounding resume and her interview went well.  We were a little worried because she's an older lady and we do a lot of computer work.  She came in for training on Saturday and was soooo slow on the computer.  We're talking hunt and peck typing and she didn't know how to search an address on google maps.  This made me suspicious of her impressive resume with it's complicated format.  I googled a line from the resume and found it word for word on a resume builder website.  It looks like we're going to have to let someone go.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Finds- Cats!

If you don't already know you will soon learn that Suz and I love cats! So we thought it would be fitting for our first Friday Finds post theme to be about our favorite furry friend.
My favorite of favorites- Pigeon.  Pigeon joined our family just a few months after Jensen and I got married.  Suz's husband (boyfriend at the time) called her one Sunday afternoon when he found her in his shed in his backyard.  Just days before Suz had posted on her facebook status that she wanted a kitty.  Her wish came true!  Unfortunate for Suz and fortunate for me she wasn't allowed to have cats at her house and got caught, so Pigeon joined my little family.
I might be coveting this Zara blouse a little.

I need one. Too bad my husband disagrees..
Suz discovered the blog With Two Cats and we love it!  The name makes it even better!  This will definatley be added to our regular blog list.
I'm also in love with this dress and these cat magnets.  Their bow ties are so cute.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Copy Cat

We're going to do regular Copy Cat posts where we find outfits online we like and try to replicate them with our own clothes.  This one is an almost item by item copy, only the less-cute and more wintery version.  I found the image on pinterest and the original can be found here.
My Version
 coat: old navy, jeans: levis shirt: aeropostle (gift), belt: thrifted, bag: dooney and bourke (hand-me-down from my great aunt), shoes: target

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 dress: Belk, scarf: gift from Mom, belt: Maurieces, shoes: target, tights: Gap
It finally snowed here!  I loooove the snow and have been wanting it to snow since December and it's here!  Even though the stairs coming down from our house have already turned to solid ice I still love how magical the world looks covered in a blanket it of white.  So all you snow haters, just think about how beautiful it is before you complain about it's cold and the inconveniences it causes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About Us

Hello! Welcome to our blog. Viv and I are from North Carolina but currently live in Utah.  I was married last fall to Jordan and I just started a graduate program at BYU studying Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation.  I started this blog with Viv because she asked me to and I hope that it will help me branch out more and be more brave and creative with what I wear.  To get to know me a little better blow are 10 random facts about me.

1. I love kitties! My husband calls it an unhealthy obsession. I always get a kitten calendar for Christmas. He makes me put in on the side of the refrigerator where no one can even see it.
2. I hate putting condiments directly on my burger. I only dip it.
3. I find trashy shows on Netflix and watch them constantly until I run out of episodes to watch (examples: Desperate Housewives, Greek, and Gossip Girl)
4. Reality cooking shows are my absolute favorite!
5.  I love bows and ruffles. My husband says I dress like either an 8 year old or an 80 year old.
6.  I love to craft and sew. I try really hard to refashion things I find at the DI. Most of them don’t turn out so great.
7.  I LOVE Harry Potter.
8. Sandwiches are one of my favorite foods. And so is lettuce.  I have been known to eat a lettuce sandwich
9.  For my job at school I play with otter poop. Weird, I know.
10. As far as fashion goes, some of my current favorites are animal and floral prints.
I am Vivian.  I’m an idental twin and I’ve been married for just over a year and a half to my awesome husband Jensen.  We have one child, a cat named Pigeon who joined our family a few months after we were married.  I graduated from BYU last April and now I’m working as an administrative assistant while I figure out what I can do with my degree in Physiology and Developmental biology.  I love clothes, but I feel like I usually wear the same things over and over, so I hope this blog with help me to be more creative and more adventurous in what I wear.
Random facts about me...

1. I am obsessed with reality tv shows. And I still watch Survivor, but cooking reality shows are my favorite
2. I have a strong belief that my new last name is pronounced wrong. (It's spelled Patterson with two Ts)  It should be Paterson with a long "a" sound. And this is why: all these words... tater (as in potato), tatter, Mater (from Cars), matter, later, latter.
3. I like applesauce probably more than any adult I know, with pizza, chicken nuggets, and of course pork chops! Yum
4. I love writing lists. Grocery lists, lists of things to do, lists of things I want (my favorite kind of list), lists of lists I need to write.
6. I wish Hogwarts were real and I could go there.
7. Every time I ever have a dream about cats they're killer evil cats that I have to kill so I can survive. Sometimes by kicking them or hitting them with a hammer or a sword. I don't know why because I really do love cats.8. One of my biggest fears is parasites. Mostly getting one. Like some sort of worm inside my body or something laying eggs in my head. I think this may come from watching too many weird medical shows. I'm also afraid of people in masks. They really really creep me out.
8. I LOVE cardigans. and colorful tights. and painting my fingernails.
9. I really hope that one day I have twins, and I know you're all probably thinking "well you've never raised them", and I know I haven't but I am one and I think they're pretty awesome. You always have a best friend to play with (unless you're fighting) :)
10. I get nervous and awkward when I’m going somewhere new by myself.  My nervous habit is to hum a little tune to myself when I’m walking to or away from a group of people and I’m alone.