Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Finds- Cats!

If you don't already know you will soon learn that Suz and I love cats! So we thought it would be fitting for our first Friday Finds post theme to be about our favorite furry friend.
My favorite of favorites- Pigeon.  Pigeon joined our family just a few months after Jensen and I got married.  Suz's husband (boyfriend at the time) called her one Sunday afternoon when he found her in his shed in his backyard.  Just days before Suz had posted on her facebook status that she wanted a kitty.  Her wish came true!  Unfortunate for Suz and fortunate for me she wasn't allowed to have cats at her house and got caught, so Pigeon joined my little family.
I might be coveting this Zara blouse a little.

I need one. Too bad my husband disagrees..
Suz discovered the blog With Two Cats and we love it!  The name makes it even better!  This will definatley be added to our regular blog list.
I'm also in love with this dress and these cat magnets.  Their bow ties are so cute.

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