Sunday, January 22, 2012

Matt Costa and Proposals

Last night Viv and I went to a concert at BYU to see Matt Costa play.  I love Matt Costa and I was excited, but the concert was held in one of the ball rooms on campus. So basically it was in a giant room with a tiny stage so unless you were right up front you couldn't see much. The music was good. And the people watching was even better.  Here is what I witnessed:

sorry for the fuzziness, this is all I could get with the time I had

It's not quite what it looks like. You see, girl is crossing her arms and doesn't look too excited. Just keep reading... As we're watching the concert, this couple is standing in front of us. And they seem super into each other. Holding each other and facing each other singing along to the music. During one song, boy bends down on one knee. Girl looks ECSTATIC, as she should be. Boy looks up at girl and then looks down and ties his shoe. And then stands up. Girl is not happy. The concert keeps going, thy are not holding each other any more. Boy bends down AGAIN. Girl is mad. Boy stands up. Boy and girl leave. No proposal. Mean boy.

Poor girl. And I'm not as much of a creeper as I seem. When I saw him bend down I got SO excited. And I thought, if I were getting proposed to I would for sure want a picture.  He stood up too fast the first time for a photo, but I got one on his second (fake) attempt.

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  1. haha! that is hilarious. poor girl. I was at that the concert too, but apparently you had a more exciting spot than me, because nothing like that happened where I was!