Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twin Tuesday- Polka Dot Skirt

Growing up my mom almost always dressed Suzanne and I alike.  She told me when she first found out she was having twins she went out and bought a double of everything she already had.  When I got a little older I hated it because I wanted to be unique, and dressing the same just made people get us confused even easier.  I still don't like to dress the same when I'm going to be with Suzanne, mostly because it just makes me feel silly because we aren't little kids anymore.  We don't see each other every day so it doesn't matter if we dress the same or not.  In honor of our twin-ness we are going to have a weekly feature on Tuesdays where Suzanne and I each wear an item of clothing we both own to see how different we style it.  Most of the time our styles are pretty similar so this should be interesting.
shirt: Old Navy, skirt: f21, tights: Hue, shoes: Plato's closet, belt: f21, necklace: ModCloth
We got these skirts together while birthday shopping together last summer.  We couldn't resist the bold pattern and low price (only $12!) so we each got one for ourselves.  They're a little short so we had to size up to wear it on our hips, but I love it!

skirt: forever 21, lace shirt: forever 21, cardigan: target, belt: came with skirt,
shoes: miz mooz via nordstrom, tights: jc penny, scarf: gift from mama
I really liked this outfit. Perfect for the warm weather we've been having. It was 50 outside today! The weather does say its supposed to snow tomorrow. I am actually really excited. I love the snow and we haven't had much at all this year. On another note, these shoes are also probably my favorite I have right now. They were my wedding shoes and they have the perfect heel (which you can't see much in this picture, but I will be wearing them more).

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