Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twin Tuesday

skirt: from Mom, dyed by me, sweater and tights: Target, scarf and shoes: from Mom
shirt: j creaw, sweater: h and m, tights: wal mart, shoes: target
running away from the cold

Having a twin is pretty much the best, but even people who don't know I'm a twin get me mixed up with Suz.  I work at a painting company as a secretary right now.  When I answer the phone I say..."It's a great day at Five Star Painting, this is Vivian, how can I help you?"  Several times since I've been here the person on the other line has responded, "Hi Suzanne." I think this is so weird!  At first I thought  I'm crazy and I'm hearing things or I'm crazy and subconsciously saying this is Suzanne... or maybe I just mumble.  I even tested how it may sound like I'm saying Suzanne by saying "this is Vivian" over and over all slurred together.  I still don't hear it. Either way it's really weird.  I personally don't think the names Vivian and Suzanne are very similar, besides the "n" sound at the end.

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