Monday, February 27, 2012


shirt and jeans: f21, sweater: Target, shoes: Miz Mooz
]I hang out with Suz a couple times a week and occasionally do things with old roommates, but most days I go to work, come home, make dinner, craft or sew, watch tv and blog, and go to bed.  I'm always telling Jensen stories about things I've read on blogs.  He doesn't really care that much to hear about things I read online, so the other day I started a story with, "This lady I know..."  He knew right away that I knew no such lady and asked if I was really talking about someone from a blog.  Busted... I need more friends. 


  1. It's absolutely the same with me and my mister! I always just refer to my only friends as my real life friends and he finds it so funny when he finds out they're blog friends!

  2. ha totally understand what you are saying. let's be friends, k? :)

    1. yes please! I kind of feel like I already know you from reading your blog... I hope that's not weird :)

  3. I am glad we met at the blogger meet and greet. Can we be friends even though we have seen each other in person only once? I think so.