Thursday, April 19, 2012

School's out for summer!

 shirt: old navy, boots: target, necklace: mom's, skirt: made by me!
School's out! (sort of) Hurray! Jordan and I are celebrating by going to Zion National Park and doing some canyoneering.  And then I'll be back next week to work work work on my project and write like crazy too.  I don't have class again until January so that's going to feel a bit strange.

I made this skirt last week during my week of sewing. I can't decide if I like the bow better in the front or back. I'm not very good at sewing but this wasn't too hard. I follwed a tutorial I found on pinterest here. 

I hope everyone is enjoying being finished with school (if you are done). And if you aren't, you're almost there! Celebrate this weekend!


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