Monday, April 16, 2012


skirt: handmade by me!, shirt/belt: f21, shoes: forever young

I've noticed I sort of go through cycles with hobbies.  A while ago I was into watching T.V. It sounds super lame (because it was), but it's true. I was semi-addicted to Netflix. And then I remembered what real hobbies were and I got really into cooking. Jordan loved that one.  Now I am in to sewing again! And I love it. This skirt was really easy and I sort of followed a combination of this and this tutorial.  Soon I'll post another skirt I made. It took more time, but it was still pretty easy. What about you guys? Do you go through cycles or stick with the same thing? Or try something and never go back to it?


  1. I too go through cycles but they all seem to revolve around sewing to some extent. They may be embroidery for a few weeks, pattern drafting another and then sewing small bags the next. I like mixing things up though. Keeps my mind interested.
    Great job on that skirt! Love the stripes!

    1. Thanks! And I LOVE your new line you've posted. Everything is so great.