Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twin Tuesday- Ruffle Shirt

shirt: j crew, sweater: viv's (hand-me-down from roommate), pants: f21, shoes: gap
extreme fashion blogging
Kitty hanging out on my lap after he walked in our house for a little visit.
I think he likes me
I have created a new sport. I will call it extreme fashion blogging. For some change in scenery today, Jordan and I mosied over across the street for some pictures in front of a nice brick wall. Well, this brick wall has bricks that stick out. That are perfect for climbing!! So you guys get to see some my awesome skills. Now I think we should see how extreme we can get. Climbing walls today and maybe sky diving tomorrow?
Oh yeah, and a kitty came over and joined our photos too. The same kitty likes to come in our house when we have the door open. I want to keep him.

shirt: j crew, skirt: walmart, shoes: forever young shoes, belt: f21
And here's my outfit!

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