Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm really bad at coming up with clever post titles

shirt: Old Navy, skirt: ModCloth, shoes: Mom, belt: f21   
Sunday was the perfect day!  The weather was amazing and we get an extra hour of daylight now!  The only thing I can complain about was the crazy wind that only happened when we took these outfit posts, so please excuse the crazy hair fly aways.  Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week.  It's the only day Jensen and I are both off work together and it's so nice to be able to go to church and come home and relax.  Yesterday after church we had a picnic in our front yard and took a little bike ride.  How was your weekend?

And here's a pic Jensen took of me that he wanted me to share with you.


  1. I know what you mean re: post titles. Such a pain! This outfit is awesome. Have saved it to my "red skirt inspiration folder" :)
    Kel xo

    1. awesome! I got this skirt for $5 because it had a broken zipper and it's quickly becoming a favorite.

  2. Holy cow you are one beautiful lady (or ladies, I guess being identical twins and all!!) The 3rd last picture is just stunning, and you have such a lovely blog! So happy that I found you girls :)

    Fancy Napkin