Thursday, March 8, 2012

Copy Cat- Stripes and a Scarf

shirt: JCrew, sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Levis, scarf: gift, shoes and belt: f21

Today's copy cat is from one of my favorite fashion bloggers Kendi from Kendi Everyday. I love the stripes with the bright pop of color in her outfit.

Also, here's a random fact about myself for you.  In high school I was voted most unique for our yearbook my senior year.  Ironic since I have an identical twin, and not only did we look a lot alike, our personalities and interests were also very much the same.  We were probably more alike than any other two people at our school at the time, even though there were 2 other sets of identical twins in our grade.


  1. ooo fun! most unique, huh? i was nominated for best dressed. but i didn't win. you are adorable, by the way.

  2. Hey Suz and Viv! Cute blog, cute outfits. I love it! I also grabbed your button, maybe you can help with mine too. Great to meet you last night!


  3. love this scarf! such a cute outfit :)
    and it was so great to meet you guys yesterday!!!

  4. I absolutely love the combination of stripes and another bold pattern. Lovely!