Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of those Days

 shirt: hand me down from roommate, jeans: papaya, shoes: target, bag: b-day present from Suz!
Today I broke a glass doing dishes.  That's itself is not that bad.  Today I grabbed the wrong end of my curling iron (that had been plugged in for quite a while).  Today my computer died.  I sure am glad days like this are few and far between.  I'm also glad I have five more of those glasses, my hand will heal, and my computer is still covered under Apple Care, so as soon as I figure out how I can back up my dead computer I can get it fixed.

One a side note the purse I'm wearing here is a birthday present from Suz! Our birthday is on Saturday and since we are terrible at surprises we exchanged gifts already.  Happy birthday week to us! 



  1. ah sorry about those day. good thing those days are few. seriously. loving this outfit and such a great bag. me and my sister suck at surprises also. haha. must be a girl thing.


  2. Happy Almost Birthday. And on days like that I just try to breathe and make sure to treat myself to something, because we all deserve a little pick me up.