Thursday, June 7, 2012

I got your back

jeans: f21, cardi/shirt: urban outfitters, bag: nordstrom, shoes: gap
Jordan and I live in a little basement close to campus in Provo. I'm not a huge fan of the place because its a little wet and dark but mostly becauase the landlords are super lame (they live in the main floor of our house). Sometimes I think Jordan is too nice and I just want to tell them how it is. Here are some things they have done.

-The other day landlord man took the garbage cans out and knocked my precious bike over and didn't pick it up. I wrote a nasty note and Jordan wouldn't let me give it to him.

-Yesterday was pretty windy here and some trash blew into the yard. Today when landlord man cut the grass he put the trash on top of Jordan's motorcycle assuming that it was ours. Seriously!? Jordan won't let me leave it on their porch.

-A couple months ago our basement flooded. Only landlord lady was home. I could hear her upstairs and after I banged on the door for 10 minutes she finally answered. I very specifically told her DO NOT flush the toilet, DO NOT run the sink, DO NOT take a shower. I went downstairs and mopped up and not even an hour later I hear the shower running. And it flooded again.

-And one last thing that I just think is really funny.  A few days ago Jordan and I were hanging out and heard some cat/dog noises coming from the backyard. We sneakily opened the window to check it out and the neighbor's cat was fighting with the landlord's dog (who's name is Prada bytheway). Landlord man comes storming out of the house with a BB gun and shoots the cats and then proceeds to tell his wife how the cats were ganging up on the dog and that one of the cats charged while the first cat was getting the dog. He said some other really funny stuff but before he went in he says and I quote. "Prada, go pee now.  It's okay Prada, I got your back."

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