Monday, June 4, 2012

blah blah complain complain

 shirt: old navy, pants: gap, shoes: tjmaxx, necklace: made by me
Summer has arrived in full force.  I live in the upstairs of a duplex with no air conditioning, so when it's 97 degrees outside it's about 95 inside.  It's making me so lazy.  Jensen and I have been getting snow cones every night after dinner and I come home and just lay around in front of the fan.  It also makes me dress really boring.  I just want to wear the least amount of clothes I can get away with.  What do you wear in the summer to keep your outfits more exciting?


  1. ahh girl i feel you. i swear its often hotter inside our house than it is outside. no AC here baby. ah the slums of married housing. lol.
    i have been doing a ton of skirts and dresses lately, while i normally am not a dress or skirt person, i feel it is the only way to truly beat the heat. plus you feel more girly that way, and i'm all about tshirts. also something i do is i will wear like a neutral colored sports bra under higher up shirts to avoid having to wear a tanktop and regular bra, am i weird? tmi, maybe, sorry.


    1. the sports bra is a great idea! v neck t's a my favorite but if i'm not wearing a tank you can see right down them and all these layers are killing me

  2. Amen to seeing how few clothes you can get away with! It's the only thing to do in the summer.

  3. Aahh I feel your pain. Last night my husband and I kept waking up over and over again due to the heat. We sleep downstairs and even with a fan and the window open it was still unbearable.
    I often just wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I find there the most breezy and cool than even shorts.
    I'm having a give away on my blog for a cute tank top. This could be an excellent new addition to your summer wardrobe.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!