Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Finds - Birthday Edition!

Viv and I have a birthday coming up! Here are a few things on my wish list this year:

1. I have a trusty brown shoulder bag that I use for everything - school books, road trips, flights, camping, everything! It's on it's last breaths of life and I want a cute backpack to replace it. I love this one from Urban Outfitters.
2. One day when I have a house I want a plate gallery on my kitchen wall. Jordan and I love to forage for mushrooms so I think this one from Anthropologie would be perfect.
3. I think all of these polishes from essie are great! This summer I want purple, peach, mint, and light grey.
4. I kitten!!! This is really number one on my list. Any kitty will do. I am not picky.
5. A sheep skin rug from Ikea.
6. I really want a bench/storage thing to sit at the bottom of my bed.  I LOVE the print of this one from Target.

Jordan, I hope you're taking good notes.


  1. I sure hope either of you get a kitten for your birthday. I think that would be such a delightful surprise. But if not the bag from urban outfitters seems almost as wonderful. :)

  2. Hey, My birthday is coming up too! I keep getting asked what I want and now I know! :) it's a great list!!