Monday, June 11, 2012


dress: down east, shoes: hand-me-down, mint nails: revlon

Viv has done it again to me. She introduced me to HGTV Design Star. Have any of you seen it? I hadn't seen it before and there is season currently going and ALL of the previous seasons are posted online.  I only started watching this weekend and I'm already at the end of season two.  Woops. Do you have any T.V. addictions? I get sucked in to reality T.V. competitions like Top Chef, Survivor, and Next Foodnetwork Star.

Here's a simple outfit for your Monday. Nothing that exciting, but I do really like this dress because it has sleeves, it's knee length, and it has pockets!


  1. Hahaha she got me addicted to Design Star too!!!

  2. This dress looks so cute on you!