Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

sweater: tj max, skirt: forever 21, shoes: target

Viv, Mama, me, and our big sister Nicole

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mama's out there! The weather here in Provo was perfect so we spent most of our day outside and had dinner at Jordan's grandma's house.  I am not yet at mother, but I do have a fur baby.  I told Jordan I wanted to take some pictures with my hamster to celebrate.  I was mostly joking, but I thought my pictures actually turned out cute. 

Oh yeah, and here is my hair cut! I still think I want to go a bit shorter. 



  1. i love your hair cut. soo cute.
    and a bit shorter could be adorable.
    but great choice lady!


  2. YOUR HAIR!!! love love love. if my hubs would let me i'd chop mine off too.

  3. I love your hair too much! It's so great! ha im trying to grow out my hair, but its cute cuts like these that makes it so hard! haha Good choice! :)

    p.s. your shirt is amazing also.

  4. Loving the new do! New haircuts are scary but this looks absolutely fab on you!