Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am tough

shirt: can't remember, jacket: gap, shoes: target, pants: urban outfitters, bag: gift, scarf: forever 21

I went paragliding last week with a friend for her birthday.  It was so much fun! I did get a little banged up though because our instructor was kind of rough/didn't communicate the best.  Before we went up in the hair he had us practice running on flat ground in the gravel parking lot.  He would pull you forward and run backwards and have you run too.  He always asked if we were ready before he would pull.  One of the times he didn't ask and he yanked me to the ground into the gravel.  I have some nice scabs and bruises because of it.  But I secretly think getting bruises is kind of fun.  It makes me feel tough.




  1. Bruises make me feel tough, too!

  2. paragliding sounds like such a rush! That being said, I'm not so much in love with bruises as you. Haha. Mind you they do kind of give a war wound vibe. ;)

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