Tuesday, March 26, 2013

to pixie or not to pixie?

skirt: h&m, shirt: gap, shoes: target

I've been growing my hair out for a while now.  Before I moved to Provo I always kept it about chin length.  Lately I've been thinking about getting a pixie. Eep!  I've been looking online a lot for hair cut ideas and I've seen A LOT of really terrible ones. And I'm afraid I'll miss my long hair. What do you think? Chop it all off or keep it long?


  1. I just chopped mine, and I love it.
    You totally should. Pinterest was my best friend trying to decide. That and you should find someone who specializes in cutting short hair.

  2. Pixies are so fun!!! They do require frequent trims, but the day to day maintenance is so easy.

    1. I am terrified! Haha. I've been looking on pinterest and everything looks super cute. But last night I found a pixie facebook group and so many cuts are so terrible! I also have pretty thick/wavy hair so I'm afraid it will be poofy. I am leaning more towards yes though. I've always wanted to donate my hair and its finally long enough.

  3. so glad i ran into you yesterday lady!
    I love pixies, but i'm not as cute as you so I couldn't pull it off.
    I'd say give it a try!
    do you have a particular cut in mind?


  4. I'm thinking of getting a pixie as well. As much as it hurts looking at pretty long haired pics :) Just remember - it grows back eventually!