Wednesday, March 27, 2013


shirt: h and m (old),skirt: anthro, tights: ae, shoes: target
I think I have a dot problem.  Over half of the clothes I've gotten since Christmas have dots on them.  Dot tights, two dot shirts, a pair of dot pants, and I painted dots on a pair of paints I already have.  What clothing item/color/pattern can you not get enough of lately?

PS I got this skirt last year at Anthropologie for $17. Which for Anthro is practically free.  My husband accused me of only wanting it because for their standards it was cheap. Which is partially true, if this skirt was at Target for the same price, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. Luckily though I do love it.  Are you ever guilty of that, buying items just because they're so cheap?

Awkward Girls


  1. Love the skirt! Plus those shoes are pretty perfect.

  2. Found your blog through the Awkward Girls polk-a-dot link up. Cute stuff! I'm a new follower~