Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The greatest shirt to ever exist

shirt: gap, sweater: hand-me-down, jeans: levi, boots: thrifted
You guys, this shirt has little kitties all over it.  Kitties!  I've been wanting an animal print shirt, and when I saw this at Gap it spoke to me. I had to have it.  Since I'm too cheap to pay $50 for a shirt I waited for a discount coupon and bought it before all the other kitty lovers out there snatched them up.
What's your current favorite item in your closet?


  1. oh my goodness, i have been looking for a shirt like this! i need it right meow.


  2. So cute. and I am swooning over your thrifted boots! What brand are they? are they leather?? aahh they're gorgeous!

    My favorite closet treasure has got to be my moccasins. They're like wearing slippers.
    I'm the newest follower!!