Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitty Update

dress: asos, tights: nordstrom rack, shoes: forever young shoes
Thanks to Suz I didn't have to wait until Saturday to take my kitty to the vet and she went earlier this week.  The vet gave her a shot for her infection, so hopefully she is on her way to being fully back to her normal self, and I can stop worrying.
And for anyone who is curious, a forty minute drive with a cat on your lap, who keeps trying to crawl down under the pedals, is no easy task.  I let Pigeon (my kitty) out of her cage for the ride because she wouldn't stop crying when locked inside.


  1. love your outfit!
    and glad that kitty is doing better!


  2. oh, car rides with cats are the worst! I love your lace dress with red tights, such a chic combo!

  3. Oh my you look so beautiful in this outfit! Like snow white! Love that dress with the dark tights and shoes.