Monday, July 23, 2012

Sun burn

shirt: h & m, pants: downeast, shoes: gap outlet

Happy dot week everyone! We hope you all join us and link up with your outfits! 

I went to the local water park a few days ago.  It was my first time going this year, and the first time being out in the sun for that long. I made sure to lather up with the good stuff before I showed my ghostly self to the world. I brought a little quilt to lay down on the grass with. Well, freshly applied sunscreen + sweaty legs + quilts apparently don't go well together. Wherever my legs touched the quilt, the sunscreen got rubbed off. Except the quilt had a design stitched all over it. The sunscreen for some reason did not rub off where the swirly stitching was. Now my legs have a nice swirly design.



  1. i love this outfit. i love polka dots but i have none. dang it.
    also, everytime i walk outside i have to lather the heck up in sunscreen. haha

  2. Love those trousers!

    xo Jennifer