Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Copy Cat - Scaredy Cat

My version:

shirt: gap, skirt: down east, shoes: target, necklace: my step dad's grandma's

Viv has to get some maintenance work done on her house by her landlord. She isn't allowed to have cats (and she has one... shhhhh). So I've been babysitting her (the cat, not Viv) for a couple of days. Jordan is allergic to cats and said Pigeon (the cat) is only allowed to stay in the bathroom. She looked sad in there so I have since moved her into our spare bedroom, but she still looks sad and scared. Poor Pigeon has found some refuge on our storage shelf on top of my fabric pile.

Here's what the poor thing does all day:
Stares wide-eyed into nothingness. Hopefully she'll warm up to the house soon.

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  1. very well done! I love the champagne gold and light blue together. U guys r way too cute

  2. I love that patter on that skirt! too great!

  3. I just found your blog : ) you both have such cute style! Thanks for the ideas!!