Monday, October 15, 2012

Leaves and Bugs

jacket: hand-me-down from suz, shirt: anthro, jeans: levi, shoes: forever young
Hello! I'm back! Sorry for the blog break last week.  It was mostly accidental, basically I just didn't get dressed so there was nothing to take photos of.

Jensen and I went up Hobble Creek Canyon yesterday afternoon to enjoy the cool air and changing leaves.  It was beautiful!  And lots of fun to play in the leaves until I noticed the bugs.  When I looked down at my shoes they were covered in teeny tiny white bugs.  Since I was throwing leaves in the air I couldn't help but feel like they were all over me. Yuck.


  1. could you be any cuter? seriously. so adorable. i love it.

  2. ok your girls are darling!!!! I love your blog so much and im so glad i found it!! New follower and cannot wait to read more! Lets swap buttons!