Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

sweater and shirt: gap, jeans and boots: nordstrom
Oh ya know, just climbing a pole.
I know I'm a few days late, but happy October everyone! I'm so excited October is finally here. That means Halloween is just around the corner.  Do you know what you're going to be yet? I do! This is the only time of year Jensen will let me dress like him so I have fun costumes planned for us together.  Also Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday! And since Jensen is from Canada we get to have Thanksgiving twice at our house.  

Usually in the beginning of November I get itching to put out my Christmas decorations and start listening to Christmas music non stop.  Jensen, who's not quite as into Christmas as I am, makes me wait until after Thanksgiving to start my Christmas celebrations.  Do you think waiting until after Canadian Thanksgiving is long enough? :)


  1. Haha my husband is much like you in that he loves Christmas and I often am the one trying to convince him not to start setting up the tree till after The Remembrance weekend. This year he's been wearing me out and I'm finding myself already listening to Christmas music. Eeek. As long as you don't get bored of the Christmas decorations I figure start them as early as your hubby lets you! :D

  2. hahaha canadian thanksgiving, that might just work.
    i love love love christmas though, mainly i love the whole month of december, but i tend to be pretty good about avoiding christmas stuff until after america thanksgiving.
    also, love your outfit.


  3. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my fellow Canuck. We celebrate it because I am 1/2 Canadian, but mostly because we like to eat!

  4. newest follower here! I love your outfit and your cardigan--so cute!
    I just did an outfit post too!