Wednesday, September 19, 2012


jacket: yard sale (f21), shirt: modbod, pants: old navy, shoes: gap, belt: f21
Besides when I was really young I've only not had bangs when I was in 8th and 9th grade.  In 7th grade I decided to grow them out.  Side swept bangs didn't exist then, so I awkwardly split them down the middle and pushed my bangs off to the sides while they were growing.  In 10th grade side bangs became a thing and I chopped mine off again.  Since then I've had bangs of varying lengths and strait across bangs for the past few years.  I decided to try and grow mine out and they're already driving me nuts.  Hopefully I can push through the annoying phase and not chop them off before I'm bang-less.  Wish me luck!

Any bang-growing-out advice?


  1. right now i'm pretty bang-less and i hate it. i've always had bangs too, but i just feel so blah because i can't pull of the center part thing. also you look so fantastic in this outfit.

  2. Your bangs looks gorgeous on you! I think you should keep them that way! I cute side bangs back in May but then i didn't like them so I cut them straight across the next day. I liked them alot but then I was moving to Florida where it is way humid so I have been growing them out ever since. It is such a drag... Mine are always pinned back or braided or something. I know how you feel. But seriously, yours are adorable!

  3. I absolutley love your bangs! I have a cowlic so bangs are not an option for me at all, so I of course have always wanted them :) Love your outfit too, very cute jacket!

  4. I'm going through this exact same situation!