Wednesday, January 23, 2013

phone pictures

Brushing my teeth :) 

I swear those are clean clothes! 
I even got Jordan in this one when we were getting ready for church :)  His beard is getting so big!

Even though Viv and I don't live with each other anymore, we still like to get advice on what to wear.  In Teaka's  post the other day we mentioned that half of the pictures on our phone are outfits we've sent to each other.  He are a few that I've sent to Viv in the past couple weeks.  Please excuse the messy house in the background :)


  1. you are adorable! your hubs rocks that beard by the way.

  2. You've got fantastic style and I love your hats and THAT'S A REAL BEARD??? So impressive. Seriously.

  3. I love your style! You are so cute!