Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in Business

shirt: gap, skirt: jcrew, shoes: alloy, necklace: buckle
I'm back from my vacation. It was great! But it's good to be home again too.  I also think my kitty would have died of loneliness if we were gone any longer.  We had some friends of ours checking on her every night, but she was still alone during the day.  After we got home last night she followed me around everywhere and would not stop meowing.  She even woke us up about five times during the night meowing, probably paranoid that we were going to abandon her again.

I got this skirt from jcrew a few weeks ago. I've been eying their colorful pencil skirts for a while now, and they finally went on sale cheap enough for me to afford!

And since I'm linking up to Wonderlust Wednesdays something new I tried last week was wake boarding while visiting my dad in Idaho.  It was so fun and tiring.  I even got like an inch of air when I was trying to jump the wake. :)
Wanderlust Wednesdays


  1. Loving that skirt... and the necklace... and just the whole stinkin' cute outfit!
    Of Thoughts and Things

  2. Love this, thanks for linking up! Too bad we didn't have a picture of that sweet air jumping the wake board. You are just awesome! I hope you can come back and link up again next week! :)

  3. I love your style! So simple and yet so chic. I aim for that every day...but whether or not it happens is a whole other thing. A two piece outfit that looks amazing? Um, can we be BFFs? So glad I found your blog!