Monday, February 24, 2014


shirt: macy's, shoes/jacket: target, pants: h&m, pin: bando

How do you all feel about dressing for holidays? I used to hate holiday themed outfits, but within the last couple of years I've grown to love them.  I think my dream Valentine's outfit would have looked something like this or this and not so blue, but I didn't really have something to dress up for.  I did wear my bando pin to make my outfit a little more festive though. 

Jordan and I kept the day pretty low-key.  I really wanted PF Changs so we dressed up a little-nicer-than-usual and headed to the mall. When we got there the wait was supposed to be three and a half hours!! So crazy! I called around a few other places and the wait times seemed about the same. I guess that's what you get for not making reservations for Valentine's Day in Provo. We meandered the mall for about an hour and decided to check PF Changs again.  When Jordan asked how much longer our wait would be, the hostess was a little rude (thinking we were being impatient or something) but really we just wanted to know if the wait was actually going to be three and a half hours. We didn't imagine that everyone they talked to would wait around for food.  She must have felt bad for being rude and got us a table super quick! I guess it pays to be persistent.  Hope you all had a great Valentine's and are enjoying our spring weater!



  1. this is my kind of valentines day outfit. i love blues and green.
    cute cute cute.

  2. My hair never looks that cute when I'm growing it out!