Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue Dress

dress: asos, sweater: f21, boots: gift from mama 
Hello! Those of you who had a long weekend I hope it was awesome! I was stuck working, but working on a holiday for me means extra pay and (usually) a slow day, so I can't complain.

Asos had a huge sale a little while ago, so I ordered myself a few dresses with Christmas money, even though they barely fit me.  Which is another plus to having a twin.  I had Suz try them on for me to make sure they would fit post baby :).  And speaking of baby... I reached 37 weeks on Tuesday! That is a little terrifying to me.  I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to have a baby join my family, but in 3 weeks or less he will be here. eep!

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  1. You are literally the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen in my entire life.