Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Ball

 sweater: tj max (viv's), skirt: made by me, shoes: f21

On Friday night I remembered that our church was having a Fall Ball. It actually sounded pretty lame but I wanted free dessert.  I forced Jordan to dress up fancy and we went to get some food.  Once we got there it was as lame as we thought it would be :), but they had water color painting stations set up and I actually had a lot of fun. I feel like I'm in my element with all the other bad dancers and bad pop music.

I made my skirt following this tutorial. I love it but I feel like I need a reason to dress fancy to wear it. My goal for this fall/winter: find as many reasons to wear this skirt as possible.



  1. you are so cute. i love that skirt!


  2. you look so pretty! and i love the watercolor :)